Friday, May 11, 2012

Motel 666

I was traveling across country to do a job when my van, i noticed, was almost empty. I was on a back road and didnt know how far it would be to the next station so i stopped at the nearby station to fill er up.

The guy at the register gave me a dirty look when i went inside and nodded to him as a greeting. He was a large fellow in bib overalls with a wad of tobacco in his mouth. He had grey hair and a beard and his name tag read "JOSH". I grabbed some chips and gators for the trip and went to the front to pay.

As i was leaving i saw that the sun was about to rise and i was in need of a nap so i went to the motel nearby and got a room. As i walked to the room i heard the store clerk outside talking to his pals who had just pulled in.

Apparently he had taken a liking to my gold card but i had been driving all night so i had to take a nap before leaving. I locked up the van and went inside. Locked the door and turned up the air and hit the sack. In no time i was out for the day.

Later that evening i woke to find Josh and his friends and the motel manager in my room and going through my wallet. "hurry the hell up Bill. He's waking up." "i've got it. Ron shut 'im up," the motel manager said pulling out my gold card. Then one of the other guys walks up and hits me with a wrench.

This time i wake up wrapped in bloody plastic. Laying in the grass beside a lake. The wind blows and rattles the plastic and makes my splitting headache even worse. Josh's buddies are standing close by me and putting on plastic gloves.

"Damn Ron. You tore his head wide open."

"what was i post a do, Frank. Give him back his billfold." Ron walked over to me. "Damn. He's still kicking." Ron kneels beside me and puts the plastic over my face and pulls it tight. "Die boy. Just die." I felt the plastic over my face. He was pressing down hard.

Stupid man. You cant kill a dead man, I thought. I waved my arms in the air cause that is what they expected. I Grabbed Ron's arm and saw the other people he had killed. Saw him and Frank laughing at them as they struggled and begged for mercy. Men women and children. Murdered. Someone had to end this. Now. I reached his throat and pressed the pressure point. Until he passed out.

I lifted Ron up and off of me. Frank drew a gun so I let him empty it into Ron.

"Thanks. Oh dont worry, he had it coming." I take the gun from him and put another bullet in it. He tries to run but I am not through with him yet. I twist his arm around and pin him to the ground.

"I am going to ask you one time. Where is my wallet?" He was sniffling and tears were rolling down his cheeks.

"Josh," he said. And that was his last word. I vamped out and drained him dry. The blood restored my health and I had taken a hell of a beating. I needed it and they owed me.

With the vessel emptied i licked the wound to make it heal. All better. I stood up and thought for a moment.

"Frank shoots Ron then self." I put the gun in Frank's mouth. 2 down. 2 to go.
Josh was in the store looking at my card and smiling when i got there. Funny thing about vampyres- we cant be filmed unless we concentrate. Same with mirrors. we have to try to be seen. Otherwise, we are just a blur. A ghostly image in the film.

"You didnt use that yet did you?" I asked but I knew he wouldnt answer. He stared at me and his cigar fell on the counter.

"Arent you dead?" he asked.

"Well yes. But then I have been dead for decades." I took my card and put it in my pocket with my wallet. Then I picked up the lit cigar and took a drag from it.

"Not bad" I said. "Steal that too?"
He reaches for the alarm so I break his arm then as he is screaming I break the other one too just for the fun of it.

"This is for all the other people you killed Josh. Its judgement day and i am the reaper." I drain the creep dry and drop him on the floor.

Then i carry the empty vessel to the motel room and go to the office to fetch Bill.

"Boy did you guys pick the wrong guy to kill." I grab Bill by the arm. He struggles so I break his arm. Then I take his other arm and lead him to the room and drain him dry.

"Payback is a bitch." I tell him as his heart stops beating.

Time to leave. So I bring in the gas can from the van and paint them both with it. As i carry the empty can back to the van to leave I toss the lit cigar back to Josh. The light from the bonfire is nothing short of spectacular.

But the night is young and I have places to go. People to eat. So I start the van and drive into the dark night once more. My name is Nick and vengeance is my business.