Saturday, October 29, 2011

They only come for you in the darkness...

Posted Tue, 30 Oct 2007 15:37:19 -0700

It was a cold Halloween night, not long ago. And a young girl strolled into the woods.
The moon was full and the stars were twinkling and she could hear the sound of the
campfire crackling in the distance, kids playing, and her friends laughing and telling
jokes around the fire.
As she stepped into the woods, she heard crickets chirping and an owl hooting nearby.
Another step. And she couldn’t hear the children or the campfire or her friends anymore.
The moon was full and the shapes of the trees stood out in the moonlight.
She stepped a little further in, and she heard the owl again and she felt the wind blowing
her coat and hair. She thought she heard voices whispering in the woods, but all she saw
was trees.
She took another step and she listened for sounds. She heard the wind blowing and she
thought she heard a young girl weeping in the woods for just a second. She heard
whispers in the dark, and she felt something stroke her back, or maybe it was just the
Another step. And she saw the foliage on the trees nearby. The woods were darker now,
and she heard voices whispering something in the darkness around her. she looked back,
and saw the light from the campfire. She felt the wind blowing on her face. She heard a
girl crying up ahead. She heard someone whisper her name and she felt someone grab her
foot. She looked down and saw that she had stepped into a vine with thorns. She heard a
young girl crying up ahead, and she heard whispers in the wind. She saw three glowing
figures in the darkness up ahead, for just a second. Then she realized that she was just
seeing headlights on the trees, or was she?
The little girl stopped crying and called for help. She heard wolves growling near the
child. The child screamed and called for help. She felt someone pull her hair back and
whisper in her ear, "join us, Lisa." she turned to see who it was and she saw a skeleton
standing beside her, smiling, and reaching for her. "Join us," the skeleton whispered, its
gold tooth twinkling in the moonlight.
The wolves growled in the darkness now, and the small child screamed. Lisa ran into the
woods to get the child. into the darkness. To the weeping child. She ran to where the
sounds were coming from and she saw child's blue coat in front of a tree. She grabbed the
coat, but it was empty.
She saw ghosts and skeletons coming toward her. The woods were pitch black now. All
she could see was the glowing ghosts and the white skeletons and, nearby, glowing red
She heard growling, and then she saw a werewolf come to her. its glowing red eyes and
its bloody fangs stood out. it reached for her, and the ghosts chanted slowly, "join us"
Lisa gripped the coat tightly and ran back to the campfire. She couldn’t see the fire
anymore, and her fingers and toes were freezing. She ran for what seemed like an
eternity. She could hear the wolves and ghosts following her. She couldn’t see anything
but darkness. She wondered if she would ever get out alive.
Then she felt something grab her head. Her toboggan came off, but she kept running.
Suddenly, something grabbed her foot. She tripped and fell and lost her shoe. She heard
the ghosts coming closer. And she felt the wolves’ breath on her cold cheek.
"Join us! Join us!" the spirits called to her. She felt bony fingers grab her legs and arms.
She saw red glowing eyes all around her. She heard laughter as she felt the hands pull
her, dragging her into the darkness.
She kicked and screamed and shoved at the ghouls. She struggled until she was on her
knees. Then she crawled for the clearing, screaming and kicking the hands off of her.
At last, she made it out of the woods. She ran to the campfire and went home. She
couldn’t turn off the light all night.
The next morning, she went back to the woods with her friends to look for her shoe. At
the edge of the woods, they saw her shoe, stuck on a thorny vine, and a little further back
was her toboggan stuck on a tree branch.
They went inside and got the toboggan, but Lisa wanted to leave right away. As they
turned to walk out, she heard the little girl scream behind her. She turned around and saw
the bloody blue coat lying at the foot of a tree, and beside it was a gold tooth. She turned
to leave and she heard the skeleton laugh from the darkness.
Now every time she turns off the lights, they come for her in the darkness, chanting her
name, and beckoning her to "join us," but she will be safe enough, for you see, they only
come for you in the darkness....

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