Saturday, August 18, 2012

A visit to Wonderland

What is this strange place
I find myself in?
There goes a white rabbit
Shouting "late again".
Down a rabbit hole
The hare slides away.
I follow his lead
And slide into a sunny day.
Outside two toy soldiers
Are painting white roses red.
Hurry they say or she will
Have our heads.
A strange smiling cat
Appears by my side.
The queen is coming he tells them
And he tries to hide.
He turns invisible
Except for his smile.
Those bright white teeth
You can see for a mile.
"Oh dear. oh my."
The toy soldiers cry
As a walking, talking card
Catches my eye.
She approaches the soldiers
And grabs their paint cans of red,
But she does not help them paint.
She yells "off with their heads"
Then she looks at me
"And him too" she says.
Then a bunch of cards run to us
On this lovely day.
And as the soldiers cringe
I take a deep breath
And blow the cards all away.
What a strange dream i think
As i walk away
Into this strange place
On this very strange day.
After that i do not recall
What happened next.
But i awoke in my bed
Somewhat perplexed....

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