Monday, October 31, 2011

One Halloween Night

One Halloween night, Buffy was on patrol in the graveyard, when suddenly Drusilla and Darla attacked her from behind with 666 other vamps. it was a struggle at first, but then Faith and Blade and Willow and Oz and Xander and Anya and Cordelia and Angel and Conner and the charmed ones joined the fight. They slew the bad guys in no time.
Then Angel looked worried. “Its halloween,” he said. “tonight the lawyers sacrifice to the dark lords of the netherworld.”

The source appeared near them in a puff of smoke.

“Now that i have you all together, i can crush you with one blow.”

Faith jumped behind the source and tapped him on the head with a stake. “I dont think so,” she said.

Then the charmed ones appeared behind her. with a white lighter and a powerful demon who was a friend of theirs.

“Not if we can help it,” they said.

“Think you can take us all,” asked Angel?
Then a green demon hunter walked up beside angel and stared viciously at the source.

“How dare you turn on me,” said the source of all evil. “i created you… and cable tv too. what would you do on a Tuesday night without me, asked the dark lord?
Then suddenly the lawyers surrounded them with rifles.

“What do you want us to do with them?” asked the senior partner and high priest.
“Oh,” said the source. “just kill them. kill them all.” then the source disappeared.

“Ok shoot them,” said the senior partner. the lawyers aimed their rifles. suddenly all of them froze.
then Piper said, “You know what, i’m thirsty lets go to my place for some cocoa.”

“OK,” said everyone, and they all walked toward the charmed ones’ home.
“Hey Piper,” asked Phoebe as they left the field. “what about them?” Phoebe motioned to the lawyers frozen behind them.

“O yes i forgot,” said Piper. she unfroze the lawyers and they all shot each other.
“Bad guys are so stupid,” said Buffy. and they all laughed.

the end…..

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