Saturday, August 18, 2012

Unwanted embrace

I just stopped by for a drink
like a dozen times before
i guess i was more thirsty than i thought
once i got her on the floor
as i quenched my insatiable thirst
i came to realize
this girl that i was preying on
was just about to die
as i came to my senses
i saw her in my arms
this vessel i called friend
a victim of my charms
and soon she would be gone
because of my mistake
and the Prince would have my head
did i deserve this fate?
i could not let her die
the regrets would never stop
and so i bit my lip
and let her taste a few drops
and soon she arose again
and walked the night with me
and tho we are no longer friends
she arose you see
and now she is Kindred
a creature of the night
forever in the dark
and running from the light
we walk the world of darkness
the dark childe and i
tho years come and go
the damned can never die


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