Saturday, August 18, 2012

Vader visits the pagemaster

"The Emperor demands a tribute to him immediately." vader paced back and forth impatiently.
the pagemaster sat and stared at him wondering how long it would take for him to put a groove in the floor.

" now dammit darth, i will prepare a tribute to that old geezer as soon as i can, master yoda was first in line tho. so he just gonna have to wait..."

vader extended his hand toward the pagemasters throat and held it firmly in place.

"i aint got time to shake hands now anakin. just run back to your precious emperor and tell him that i will be in touch as soon as i can now ya hear."

 Vader was puzzled that the force wasnt phasing the page master and drew his saber to make a point.
"not in the house," the page master said, and the saber turned into a bouquet of flowers.

vader kneeled down in homage to the powerful page master and swore total allegiance to him.

"join me and together we can rule the galaxy," vader told the master.

"galaxy? hell boy i already rule the entire universe of this story line. why would i want to step down to a lower office..."

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