Saturday, January 19, 2013

Magentas Gift

she tiptoed into the living room and sneaked over to the christmas tree. she picked up one of the gifts and shook it to see what was inside. the gift did not make a sound. she shook it again harder this time. she thought the box must be empty because it was so light. she examined the wrapping paper; it was a dazzling design.

she sniffed the box, but she couldnt smell a thing. she wondered what could possibly be inside. it was so light and it didnt make a sound. mom and dad wouldnt notice if she just took one little peek. she thought she heard something move in the room. she looked about the room, but it was empty. she tore a small hole in the side, and peeked inside. a ray of light shot out from the filled the room with light. the box disappeared from her hand, as if it had been evaporated. a tall alien -type creature appeared before her. it pointed at her, and she was lifted high into the air.

"what is your wish, master," the alien said. "i am the grantor of wishes," the alien told her. "for setting me free, i will grant you one wish." oh no, she thought. now the box is gone and the gift is free; how will i keep mom and dad from finding out, she thought. "well,"said the alien,"what is your wish? make it quick , child. it is time for me to go."

she closed her eyes and thought really hard. "i wish...i wish... i wish i had never tiptoed into the living room," she said...

"Magenta," her mom called."get up, its christmas morning! come and open your gifts!" Magenta looked about the room, it was true. her wish had come true. she smiled, and skipped into the living room.

Tue, 30 Sep 2003

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