Thursday, February 5, 2015

Zander 2: The Ogres and the Dragon

After a month had passed, there was still none who could remove the sword from the stone except Count Zander, and his army was still growing in numbers, but Zan had no desire to lead his people into an unnecessary war and was determined not to. Malory just smiled when he told him and stared out the window into the distance. Zan asked him what he was looking for, but Malory told him that he did not know.

That night as the sun was setting the people outside the castle began to scream and fire lit up the sky. Zan looked outside and saw an army of giant ogres attacking his army and they had a large dragon with them. The dragon was gold in color and breathing fire and ice at the soldiers who were bravely trying to protect the kingdom from it.

Malory looked outside and told Zander it was time and only his sword could save the people from them, and immediately Zan pulled the sword from the stone again and charged into the invading army on foot. As he swung his blade at them, the ogres fell all about him and soon began to retreat. As the army ran into the distance, only the dragon remained to face the Count in battle. Zan raised his shield and his sword to protect himself from the flames of the dragon's breath and though the shield was a little warmer, it seemed to be un-phased by the attack. The wooden shield stood up to the dragon's breath without a scratch and it did not burn. Zan glanced back at the castle door where Malory was watching and chanting a protection spell for the army.

How is the fire not burning me like the others, Zan thought, and then Malory shouted out to him that the sword would protect him as long as it was in his hand. Zan swung at the dragon and the sound of the sword slicing the air seemed to hurt its ears badly. And each time he swung the sword at the dragon it cut it deeply, soon the dragon backed away dizzily and fell to the ground. With its dying breath it swore its allegiance to Zan if he would have mercy on it.

Malory approached the beast and chanted a healing spell for it that slowly began to close its wounds. Although the dragon was weak from blood loss, it bowed down to Zan and his enchanted sword and promised to fight for him in the coming battle. The gold dragon called itself Oriel.

Zan looked at Malory as if to say, I told you I dont want to take the throne, and Malory smiled and told him, "Your destiny awaits, my lord."
Zan looked at the sword and the wooden shield in his hands and walked back to his castle.

The next day, a messenger arrived at the courtyard and approached the Count with a letter. It was from the king and was asking him to help defend the kingdom from the invading army of orcs from the north. Zan realized at this point that the sword was sent to him for a reason, and he took his army to the King's castle to protect it.

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