Friday, February 13, 2015

Zander 3: Orcs and Gold Dragons

When he arrived at the front line, he saw an army of orcs lined up to the north and preparing to attack, King Guilliam and the other Counts greeted him and thanked him for coming.

As the invaders faced them and drew their shields and spears to form a wall, the king told his men to wait patiently and their time would come.  

Suddenly, flaming arrows from behind the wall flew into the sky and some of them hit the king's soldiers. Then, catapults threw fireballs at the army and the invaders cheered and shouted and began to chant.

Count Kristoff told the king to pull the men back so that the catapults could not pelt them and the king thought about it and said that was a good idea and he ordered the lines to fall back.

As the army moved back, the army from the north was ordered to charge them and their generals shouted "Charge!"

As they stood up and charged at the castle, streams of fire and ice hit them head on and a dozen gold dragons flew over head led by Oriel. The dragons destroyed the catapults on the first run and then circled back to attack the archers. As the soldiers were being hit from all directions, they panicked and ran, breaking up the wall. Then Zan gave the order for his men to charge, and they attacked the remaining soldiers. Soon the northern army retreated and ran back home with the gold dragons on their tales.

As the army disappeared over the horizon, the king's army cheered. Zan turned to the other Counts and Barons around him and they all congratulated each other, but the king was not with them. He had been struck by a fireball and killed during the charge.    

The army learned of his death and a great silence fell over them. The army had won the battle but lost the king. They marched back to the castle and informed the queen of his demise. The couple was young and had no children and after hearing the story of the battle, the queen asked Zan to take the throne and lead the kingdom and he looked at Malory who was by his side and asked him what the future had in store for him.

Malory told him that he should take the throne, and so Zander became the new king of the kingdom. Zander the first. He took Queen Aria as his bride, and produced many heirs to the throne. His kingdom became known as Zandera, and his first daughter was named after it.

Malory married the queen's mage, Mabella, and their first son Merlyn became Malory's apprentice. Merlyn would learn much from Malory and become a great and powerful mage in time, but that is another story.

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